You Will Be Taken Care Of

I am often asked by people who are beginners, if I am prepared to show them the ropes. I am always ready to instruct, guide, initiate and expand a man's understanding of BDSM.

You can be assurred that I know what is needed to instruct and enlighten a man who is exploring these activities for the first time. I do this with the same level of safety, care and protection that I show to every one of my clients.

Your limits will be respected. If you're up for it they can also be tested and expanded. I use a "Traffic light" approach to safe words, so you can let me know how you're going within the sessions. Safe words are: Green = Go, Orange = I'm reaching my limit & Red = Stop.

My beginner clients have been aged from their early twenties through to late seventies. Your sexuality (hetero/homo/bi/etc) is not an issue for me.

At the end of the day, you are a person who wants to experience something for the first time, I am a man who can give you that experience. I can guarantee that your experience will be safe, sane and very discreet.