I encourage and request feedback, here are some of the clients' comments:

"Thanks again for yesterday. I'd have to say you pressed all the right buttons. You helped me define my own fantasy and found no difficulty participating with me. Thanks too for your hospitality, and your attention to safety and cleanliness, and the respect you show. A truly professional service." - David

"Just to say thanks for the session yesterday. I felt confortable at all times and really enjoyed myself. Your service standard was superb. You certainly know how to treat a first timer. The session was fantastic and the bondage has given me new insights. Trust I will see you some time in the future." - Peter

"Next time I get to Switzerland, you're on my must do list." - Rod

"Thanks Mme Stahl and without sounding like a cliche of your other reviews (although probably does!) that was a hell of a lot of fun." - Craig

"Thank you so much for today!! It was excellent! I have never seen so much precum. It was beyond anything I ever imagined. You were really hospitable (not to mention hot!!) and you made me feel comfortable from the start. You accommodated to all my needs and wants and I cant thank you enough!! I will most definately be coming back!! Cant wait till then!!" - 21 y/o Stephen

"Thank you for an amazing first session. My senses were rocked, my limits tested and horizon expanded. Awesome set up too" - Marc

"Hi Mila, just wanna say once more sincere thanks for the great afternoon. Take care of
that great body of yours. Till next time." - Frank

"Just want to say thanks for last night - I thoroughly enjoyed myself, in your capable company...the meals out, and the time in! You are a very handsome woman and enjoyed the conversations very much." - Joe

"G'day Mila, it was kewl. Just thinking about it gets me hard. You're an expert in your field. You were special and thanks again." - Barry

"Thanks girl. A good experience! Thanks for building my trust, I am looking forward to training with you again in the near future, cheers Bill."

"I really wanted to experience this, you made it happen!!!" - Mike

"I've always fantasized about doing this, but was always too nervous to go through with it - thanks Mila, I'll be back." - Al

"Thanks for a lovely time with you, Madame, I really enjoyed it." - Jacob